Hedge Species

Autumn 2012
These are all the species I used in my hedge. I changed my mind and decided to publish a list in case other people want to plant their own wildlife hedge. I spent a long time researching the species that would produce a wide range of habitats and food stuffs and would suit a hedge setting.
I have at least two of each (and many more of some) even though only one holly would have been necessary as it is self-pollinating. Buying bare-rooted from a nursery is the cheapest way; evergreen species (E) will be in pots as they don't have a dormant period and therefore will be more expensive. You can buy these at any time of year though and leave them in their pots until you are ready to plant, so keep an eye out for plant sales

Berberis darwinii (E) – Darwin’s barberry
Corylus avellana – Common hazel
Ilex aquifolium JC van Tol (E) – Holly (self-pollinating)
Viburnum opulus – Guelder rose
Euonymus europaeus - Spindle
Malus sylvestris – Wild crabapple
Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii 'Profusion' - Beautyberry (non-native)
Salix caprea – Goat willow
Prunus spinosa – Blackthorn, Sloe
Prunus cerasifera – Cherry plum, myrobalan plum
Quercus ilex (E) – Holly oak, Holm oak

Summer 2013
One of my two Quecus did  not thrive right next to the house wall and as I wanted something evergeeen at that end, I replaced it with a gorse (Ulex europaeus) which should be more tolerant of the particular challenges of being at that end of the hedge

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